About Momelet

Being of, ahem, “advanced maternal age,” I thought I was READY for baby:
I’d studied the manuals. I’d mastered the swaddle. I’d deep-cleaned our house.
But it wasn’t long before I realized that preparation was only one part of raising kids…and a meager one at that. As my children are growing, every day is a mix of patience, pride, doubt, triumph, disappointment, humility and humor. Those last two go hand-in-hand a lot around here.
And, of course, love. It is indeed unconditional.
Especially when your Little One pukes in your backpack.
True story.
This blog draws upon all those “ingredients” of parenting.
It vents the frustrations.
It applauds the victories.
It relishes the comedies.
It revels in THE REAL.
Then it throws them all together, like one big omelet of motherhood.
Or perhaps I should say, a MOMELET.